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Liebster Award!I am so happy (and surprised – in the best way) to have been nominated for a Liebster Award from one of my fellow bloggers! Hilary at Oregonian Overseas, a fellow auxiliar here in Madrid, nominated me for the award that is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers to recognize their work. Thank you, Hilary!

A blogger nominates new and upcoming blogs and links them back to their site with a series of interview questions. That being said, here are Hilary’s questions for me!

  1. What’s the #1 place you’d like to visit one day?
    There’s no doubt we live in a big and beautiful world. My goal was always to visit Spain, and since I’m currently living here, I can check that off my bucket list! Once place that I would absolutely love to visit would have to be the beautiful Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland. There are tons of other places I’d love to go visit, but Iceland sticks out in the top of my mind.

    Blue LagoonSeriously, how beautiful is this? Who’s up for a trip to Iceland with me?!

  2. Why do you think traveling is important?
    In today’s day and age, we are more connected than ever before on a global level. It’s not true that what’s happening in Europe (or Asia or Africa or South America – you get the idea) doesn’t affect you. It does. Our economy, our well being, our retirement funds, our plans, our entire lives are affected by the rest of the world in some degree. We are all global citizens – like it or not – so it’s important to be knowledgeable of global events. Sure, you can read about these things in the news, but you won’t truly feel connected to it until you’ve stepped into it. Travel does that. It makes us aware that there is a world out there with bigger going-ons than you could possibly imagine, until you go out and experience it. It’s important to empathize and connect with our fellow human beings – all of them – and you can only really do that through travel.
  3. What’s the longest layover you’ve experienced and where?
    Ugh, for someone who loves traveling, I am a terrible traveler! I’ve experienced all duration of layovers, from a panicked run of 15 minutes to a painfully long 10 hours. My longest layover was a few years ago when I was traveling from Montana to Germany to visit friends who were studying abroad there. It was in the Amsterdam airport, after having spent 12 hours flying across the continental U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean. Again, I do not travel well. For photographic evidence of this, see below.
    Before and After long travels
    Before and after a long plane ride. For more ridiculous travel pics, find me on Snapchat! Username: Genev1eve

  4. What’s your favorite travel-related book or movie?
    I love reading – you’ll never catch me without my Kindle! Seriously, if you’re living in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language well, invest in one (if you like reading). Best decision ever. I get all sorts of library books (with my public library card) for free anytime I want from back home! All you need is an internet connection to download them! My favorite books, hmmm… I really enjoy the Liane Moriarty books. She’s an Australian author and all of her books take place in Australia. They’re not necessarily travel related, but they’re foreign to me! As for movies, I really liked Slumdog Millionaire. Again, not necessarily travel related, but it was set it India and was beautifully shot with a wonderful story.
  5. In which country or city have you had the best cup of coffee?
    Hahaha, I am a terrible person to ask about coffee because I don’t actually drink it too often… I am one of those people who prefers sweet coffee like lattes and frappes, more milk/sugar than coffee (yes, the terrible kind of person, I am not ashamed!). Unfortunately, I don’t have a great response for this answer. I am pretty fond of the café con leche in Spain though – extra leche for me please!
  6. What’s your favorite method of transportation?
    It depends. Usually I would have to say a plane because they’re the fastest method. As you can see from the photo above, I don’t like traveling for long periods of time. I prefer to have a home base set up – preferably one with a shower – while I’m traveling! That being said, for day trips, trains are really nice. They’re relaxing and a bit more comfortable than a cramped seat in a car or plane.Airplane Travel
    As I mentioned, long travel wears me out. Anything fast makes me happy!
  7. Hostels or hotels?
    Well if I had the money, I would say hotels! (One day, right?) I love the luxury of private showers and bedrooms. I’m a light sleeper so if I get stuck in a room with a snorer, you can bet I won’t be a happy camper. That being said, hostels also have a lot to offer. If you are a solo traveler, they’re a great way to save money and meet new people. Hostels always have something going on and they have much more of a sense of community than hotels, which can be nice.
  8. Why do you enjoy blogging?
    For me, blogging is a creative outlet. I majored in marketing and media arts in college and since I’m currently teaching English in Spain, I’m not utilizing that in my day to day life. This blog allows me to do the things I’m passionate about! I can edit and upload photos and work on my blog’s layout. I can play with logo design and typography… I just love it! Blogging is also a tool that I can use to help people. I have people asking me questions all the time, so to be able to create posts and help them on their life journey is rewarding to me. Not too long ago, I was also contemplating a big, scary life choice and I had other people’s blogs to help me. Now, I feel like I get to do the same for others.
  9. What trip has had the biggest impact on your life?
    Every trip has some sort of impact on you, whether you recognize it right away or not. Every interaction with another human being shapes you. When you throw in new people and cultures, you begin to form a more cohesive world view, and that’s so incredibly important. For me, a lot of trips have had big impacts on my life. I would have to say my first international trip really got me started with the desire to travel. When I was 13, my family and I went to Indonesia. I had an aunt and uncle living there and it was a great opportunity for us to visit. I saw so many different things and had so many different experiences than I had ever had back in the U.S. I saw monkey gardens, temples, walked through jungles, met all sorts of new and interesting locals. I saw how other people in the world lived and it was very eye-opening to me at such a young age. Ever since then, the travel bug has had its grip on me!
  10. What are three items you refuse to travel without?
    That’s a tough one. First, as I mentioned before, I would have to say my Kindle. Having a library book whenever and wherever I want is amazing! Second, I would have to say my camera, a Nikon D7000. I love taking photos and documenting my travels. I am not one to buy a lot of souvenirs, but the photos and memories I make last forever. Third, I would have to say my laptop. How else am I supposed to edit my wonderful photos and share them with my friends and family?! Not to mention do all of this great travel blogging… 😉

    Items I always have with me


So there you have it, my lovely readers! Again, thank you to Hilary over at Oregonian Overseas for nominating me for this fun award! I’ve had a lot of fun filling out these questions and hopefully you got to know a little bit more about me in the process!

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Questions for the Nominees:

  1. What advice would you give someone who’s never traveled outside their home country before?
  2. When did you first realize you loved to travel?
  3. If you won $1,000,000 what would you do first?
  4. What is your favorite story to tell about your traveling adventures?
  5. Do you prefer to travel solo or with a friend(s) or with family? Why?
  6. What’s your favorite social media platform?
  7. What’s the most recent book you’ve read?
  8. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
  9. Where do you see yourself in one year?
  10. If you could choose between being fluent in every language in the world or mastering every musical instrument, what would you choose and why?

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  1. So cool, thanks for the nomination! Loved reading your answers and looking forward to posting mine sometime this week.

    1. I can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

  2. Awesome post, Genevieve! 🙂
    The Blue Lagoon is also high on my list of places to go!

    1. Let’s take a trip!

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