Teaching with VIPKid: A Ten Month Update

Welcome back to another VIPKid post! If you read my Six Month Update, then you will now know I’m teaching from Spain – the land of tapas, flamenco, bulls, and vino! I’m living in Spain because of the Auxiliares de Conversación ministry program through the Spanish government. Because I only work 16 hours a week living in Madrid, I need to supplement my income with additional work. While most of my fellow coworkers here prefer doing private lessons in person, I have found that VIPKid has been a much more convenient way for me to earn a bit of extra cash. I can teach from my home, the money gets direct deposited into my American bank account, and that money goes to pay off my credit card that I use here to rake up the travel rewards points! For me, VIPKid just fits the best. I know I totally missed my Eight Month Update post because I was very busy traveling around Europe for the holidays (sorry about that), but boy has a lot changed in the past four months! I can’t wait to get started.

October – January Pay Breakdown:

As you guys know, I’ve always been incredibly transparent when it comes to my pay with VIPKid. I’m not sure how interested you all are anymore, but I’ll continue throwing out that information because I think it could be beneficial for potential applicants to get a realistic estimate about how much they can expect to earn working (very, very) part time.

In October, I taught 31 classes and had zero referrals. I earned $262.25. In November, I only taught 25 classes (which means I didn’t get my 30 class bonus money 🙁 ) but I had two teachers sign up through my referral link so I earned $299.50. In December, I taught 27 classes (another month with no bonus) but had one teacher sign up with my referral link. In December, they had an extra bonus for referrals so my check was $297.75. In January, I’m currently looking at about $100 (bonuses haven’t been added yet but still 🙁 ) so if you guys want to work for VIPKid and you feel my blog has helped you come to that decision, sign up through my referral link (at the bottom of every VIPKid post). It doesn’t cost you anything extra, it just incentivizes me to continue pumping out VIPKid posts and answering all of your questions (to the best of my ability anyway)!

Frustrations with VIPKid:

I’m nothing if not honest, so here is the biggest frustration I’ve had since my last post: Daylight Savings Time. This killed my bookings during the week. Previously, I was able to teach for 1-2 hours (usually only one hour) after I got done teaching at my school on Mondays and Wednesdays. I did that the whole month of October and was able to get more than 30 classes (and hence my bonus) without an issue. Did you know that China doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time? Because I sure didn’t. Suddenly, my perfect noon-4pm schedule became 11am-3pm. Considering I don’t get back from school until around 1:30, I have to put in my availability from 2pm-3pm which is super late for the Chinese students. Occasionally I’ll get the 2pm slot filled, but not very often. This means that I have been relying solely on my Friday classes to earn my paycheck since November, which explains the drop in classes. I have to open up some slots on Saturday, just to make a bit of extra money, which I don’t love doing. Weekends are supposed to be my time, dammit! Still, I need the money.

Another frustration every teacher is dealing with is Chinese New Year/Holiday booking drops. While it was worse last year (according to the update on Freshdesk), all teachers have been experience lower than average bookings. This is especially frustrating for new teachers who don’t have a good rapport with students. Nobody is booking with them! I myself am used to having about three hours of classes on Friday, but lately it’s been more like 1-2 hours. According to the Teacher Update in Freshdesk, bookings are at about 1/3 of their normal rate. I get it, I do. It’s the holidays and the kids are allowed to enjoy some time off from extra classes. It’s just a bit frustrating for teachers because it’s not like the bills stop coming in while they cancel classes on us. Supposedly the bookings will increase to about 2/3 their normal rate after February 3rd and then return to normal “after the festival” which is something like 3 weeks from now. Oh well.

My final frustration may not be the fault of VIPKid, but it’s still a frustration so here it is: Internet Connectivity Issues. While I was in Montana, I had zero problems with my personal wifi. I paid $29.99 a month for it and it worked perfectly! I had one issue when I was staying with a friend using her internet (which resulted in a Teacher IT-Issue finish type), but other than that, I had no problems. When I first got to Spain, it seemed that my internet was working just fine! Then, about a month into teaching, I started having all these weird issues where my internet just seemed so much slower. I made sure to clear all my cookies/cache before logging in, but I would still have these weird periods of “network is loading” where everything would freeze and I would lose about 30 seconds of class before it finally loaded correctly. This wasn’t a huge issue because I am always on time for my classes so if I have to teach an extra 30 seconds or a minute, no problem. Then, one day, I had a huge issue where I couldn’t load the classroom at all. Of course it was with one of my regular students whom I hadn’t seen for a couple weeks, so that was a huge disappointment. I got another “Teacher IT-Issue” and was able to get into my second class of the day, a trial class. The Firemen (tech support) were talking to me through the teacher chat and giving me these ideas on how to stabilize the network, but the only thing that worked was awkwardly asking my roommates to turn the wifi off on their devices so I could have more bandwidth. I felt like an asshole, but there was nothing else I could do. What made me mad was that I was in the trial class the whole time and the student never showed up. I could have probably taught it since I was able to load everything, but there was nothing I could do since I had no student. What does VIPKid do? They switch the finish type from “Student No-Show” to “Teacher IT-Issue” so I don’t get paid nor is it counted as one of my finished classes for the month. I know it was a student no show since I was in the class the whole time, but I had to just let it go. It seemed a little shady to switch me to a finish type that didn’t have to pay me… Not cool. Luckily, our landlord upgraded our wifi to fiber optic speed last month and I have had no issues since then.

Vipkid in the classroomThese adorable students always remind me why I do this job, even when I get frustrated.

So What’s New This Time?

Ok, onto newer and happier topics! As frustrated as I get, I’m generally a lot happier than I am upset, so that’s important to keep in mind! There are some great new things for me to talk about, so here goes!

TESOL Update

You might remember from my previous post that VIPKid is paying for me to get my TESOL Certificate from Arizona State’s online program! I have completed 3 of the 8 required sections and am officially starting my first Capstone Project. The course itself is not to intense, but the Capstone Project requires a lot more effort on my part. I’m on pace to finish before August, which is the only requirement that VIPKid has on the teachers participating in the scholarship program. I’m excited to keep working towards that and improving myself as a teacher both for my online students and Spanish students.

Tax Law Update

VIPKid is now getting into compliance for U.S. tax laws and requiring teachers to fill out a W-9 as an independent contractor through VIPKid. This means that they are now requiring all new teachers to submit that form before they can officially start teaching. To download the W-9 Form you’re required to fill out, click here. The whole idea behind this is that it will be easier for teachers to file their own taxes now. It’s crazy because there are now more than 2,000 teachers working for VIPKid! When I started, there was less than half of that amount. This company is growing rapidly, and I think I hopped on at just the right time!


This is something I’m super excited about, as should all people working a second job be! It has something to do with the tax law that I mentioned above. I think in the U.S. if you are an independent contractor, you are allowed to work when you want and only when you want. VIPKid is great for flexibility, but they don’t offer health care or benefits (aside from choosing your own hours). Because we are independent contractors and they’re following the U.S. law, we now can work only when we want! They do still recommend filling some out hours each week and letting them know when you’re going on vacation, but you no longer have to work 15 slots every week! YAYYYYYY!

Teach from your iPad?!?

In the past few months, VIPKid has made it possible for the students to be taking class on an iPad rather than a desktop computer. I absolutely love this because they are able to circle things and participate so much easier. There have been times when I’ve gotten a bit of a headache because the students have a tendency to run around the house with their iPads (can’t do that with a desktop), but overall, it’s been great. So many more people have signed their kids up with the iPad now! It makes learning so much more convenient for students. Now, that convenience may also be brought to teachers! It’s still in the works, but making the class available to teachers to teach from their iPads has great benefits! With the app, stability is more likely. There should be far less tech issues on both ends. While teaching from your iPad isn’t available yet, it’s in the works and will hopefully become an option for teachers soon!

VIPKID is paying for my TESOL!I haven’t completed my TESOL yet, but the certificate should end up looking something like this!

Other VIPKid Information

I appreciate all of my VIPKid readers! As I mentioned, I think I hopped on the VIPKid bandwagon at just the right time. I have all of you asking me so many great questions in regards to working with VIPKid and I am happy to help answer any questions I can. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that I do not work directly for the company. I work as an independent contractor, as do all of the teachers. My thoughts and opinions on this job are my own and do not reflect VIPKid as a company in any way. My experience is unique, as would yours be if you chose to work for them.

VIPKid is the most popular thing on my blog at this time. As you can see, I have added a new section specifically called “VIPKID Info” at the top. Please make sure you go through my posts before you ask me questions that I may have already answered in a previous post. Thank you guys so much for your support! If you really want to support me, you can subscribe to my blog with the link on the right hand side of my page. Then, you’ll never miss any of my VIPKid posts! Or feel free to share your favorite/most informative post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+! Thank you all!

Apply Now!

If you think you might be interested in applying, click here for my referral link! What’s not to love now that there are no minimum teaching hour requirements?! Do iiiiiiit 🙂

Click here for my first post on what applying and starting work for VIPKid entails (there have been a few updates since I started).
Click here if you’d like to read my two month update with the company (I explain more about trial classes and reward systems there).
Click here to read my four month update (my honest thoughts on the job as well as different ways to increase your booking rates).
Click here to read my six month update (you can find an Excel document to organize your pay, learn about contract renewals, and teaching from abroad).

Earning Money Online with VIPKID: WayfaringWanders.com

71 Replies to “Teaching with VIPKid: A Ten Month Update”

  1. Hi Genevieve! Thanks so much for posting this! I wasn’t aware that they got rid of the 7.5 hours a week minimum requirement! If I may ask, where did you hear that from because I didn’t receive any notice on that.


    1. I saw it on the VIPKID Facebook page! There were rumors that it had occurred because teachers are now able to change their schedules around without first fulfilling the 15 time slot minimum. Then new teachers said that their contracts said NOTHING about a minimum requirement (or vacation for that matter). Then I saw on Facebook that one lady had talked about wanting to apply but wasn’t sure if she could meet the minimum time requirements and the VIPKID Education page posted that as of January, that was no longer a requirement. Other teachers have also written tickets to confirm and all have said the same thing – no more time slot requirements! So if you want to be safe, I would write a ticket in Freshdesk!

  2. Hi Genevieve,

    Have you heard or tried 51Talk? I was thinking about applying to either VIPKid or 51Talk but not sure what the differences are, or how similar they might be. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jay! I’m not really familiar with 51Talk. I know that they teach adults as well as children whereas VIPKid only teaches kids – haha. But other than that, I have no idea what it’s like working for 51Talk. I can tell you that if you like working with children, VIPKid is pretty fun 🙂 If you’re more into adult learners, I would check out 51Talk. Good luck!

    2. 51 talk needs a lot of organization. I have read bad reviews. I am thinking to apply to VIPKID……

  3. Hi,
    Have you heard of anyone being terminated and them being allowed to reapply? My termination came completely unexpected. I had an average of 10 or more regular kids, my classes stayed full with 20 or moire kids weekly. Every slot I opened was filled. I had to be out for hospitalizations of myself and my daughter. I let them know with over a 24 hr notice in most cases. Never had a no show. I was assured that all was fine.. then the letter. I have email numerous times with no response. I am begging to think the terminations are automated. I love my students and the program. Thanks for any information you may have on this issue.

    1. Hi Lathina. Sorry for your troubles! That sounds like an unfortunate circumstance. Your issue sounds really unique. Have you tried just completely reapplying as a new applicant? I’m not sure what their policy is on re-hiring a terminated contractor. I think it just gets to be a little crazy with thousands of employees and you never know who you’re going to talk to or what they’ll say. For me, I had an issue where the buses in Madrid with on strike, unexpectedly. I ended up having to cancel one class within 2 hours. Of course, I sent in a ticket to Freshdesk asking that I not be penalized because the situation was out of my control. I was assured that I would be fine and then I saw the $10 deduction on my paycheck… I would try to reapply and see if you can get through to someone. If they do not allow you to reapply, consider working for other online ESL programs. I know that’s tough, but I’m not sure what else you could do. Good luck!

      1. Trinisha Gross says: Reply

        Hello! I also was terminated. I so love working for VIPKID! So, were you able to reapply?

      2. Trinisha Gross says: Reply

        So have you reapplied? What was the outcome?

      3. Terminated VIPKID Teacher says: Reply

        Lathina’s story is not unique.
        I suspect VIPKID’s termination letter is automated–when they sent me mine,
        it was addressed to “Teacher Cara,” and that’s not my name (I’m a male teacher).
        I had worked a month for VIPKID, I had over 100 followers (student/parent followers), and my parent feedback rating (52 ratings) stands at 4.23 out of 5. Bookings were easy for me.

        On the day after I ordered a $45 puppet (which I was really excited to show my students, I received a discouraging termination letter (one paragraph), “We have received many complaints from parents in the past and upon reviewing them, it has been found that your poor teaching quality during classes is detrimental to student learning…”

        I strongly believe that I have a special gift for teaching these Chinese students English. I would like to know how exactly I am detrimental to their learning.

        Fingers crossed that they will pay me what I earned now that I’m cut off.
        I am now considering reapplying to VIPKID, or applying to teach51, or another of dozens of companies worldwide.

        I freely contributed dozens of grammar corrections to their lessons (all of which VIPKID, to their credit, quickly fixed). I loved teaching with VIPKID. Considering it was merely the first company I had heard of (through advertising), out of dozens and dozens of companies globally, I’m sure I can still do what I love and make a decent income–via VIPKID or a competitor.

        I believe VIPKID would profit from retaining their teachers whom students love–maybe informing the teacher of areas for improvement–rather than terminating them and hiring/training someone new.

    2. Have you reapplied? What was the outcome?!

  4. Vonda Miles says: Reply

    Hello there I am glad I saw your blog. I just started teaching with VIPKID my contract started in December but I did not start receiving classes until February. My goal is to have the 15 hours minimum. I would love to receive a teaching certification online as well. Great blog too!

    1. Thanks, Vonda! Yeah, the Chinese New Year had bookings way down for everyone! Thank you!

  5. Hey Genevieve, you made a good point about Chinese New Year. I just started in January ’17, and managed to only get a few bookings that month. February was also slow, but now that I’m getting into more of a routine I’m able to get about 6 or 7 classes every morning. I’m trying to leave open at least 24 slots per week, and work extra when I have the time. Now I’m finding that almost all of my slots get filled. I live in Brazil, so earning in dollars really helps to supplement my income from in-person teaching here.

    It took a little while to get used to teaching children, as I had only ever taught adults in the past, but now I’m really enjoying it. I hope that it continues to stay steady, and I wish everyone the best of luck! Thanks for your blog Genevieve!

    1. Thanks, Jake! That’s so awesome to hear, congrats! I had a friend teach in Brazil last summer and she loved it. I love that us English teachers are all over the world! 🙂

  6. Hey there, just found your blog after completing my FIRST Vipkid class! It was a trial class and the student showed up, only minor tech issues, and we almost made it through all the slides (still working on the timing!). The only problem I had was that the booking stated it was a certain level and unit# so that’s what I started preparing (and with it being my first class of course I was very THOROUGHLY preparing). About 8 minutes before the class was scheduled to start, I got a message from the firemen that the test result said to use a DIFFERENT unit# than the one that was listed, so of course not wanting to look bad by using the wrong unit, had to ditch all my previous efforts and completely wing the class. My question to you is: Do you see this happen often? Or is this a one-time thing? It almost makes me feel like a dummy trying so hard to prepare for my class. I have 4 more trial classes already booked for the coming weekend and not sure if I should prepare or wait… What do you think?

    Also fabulous blog, good to read and get a realistic expectation of Vipkid. I’m a primary teacher in Thailand, and I’m finding teaching online is SOOOOOO different than in the classroom. Jealous of Spain!!! Thanks for your help!

    1. Hey Brooke! I wish I could say that this sort of thing doesn’t happen often, but unfortunately with trials, it does 🙁 the good news is that eventually you’ll become so familiar with the trial classes and slide shows that you won’t have to review them before class! Sometimes these things just happen. Mostly, I find myself teaching the first few powerpoints when it comes to trials, so familiarize yourself with those. As teachers, we often pick up “last minute classes” where there is just no way to prepare, so it’s good to get some practice in! Don’t worry if you felt flustered, it happens to the best of us!! It is still worth going over the slides ahead of time, but maybe don’t get over eager with preparation. Know what’s on the slides and what’s expected of you, but that’s about it. And as far as a reward system, just do whatever you’ve prepared! It doesn’t matter if that’s what is on that specific powerpoint or not. Good luck, Brooke! Have tons of fun teaching in Thailand! I’m loving the kids in Spain, it’s an awesome program! 🙂

  7. Genevieve,

    Thanks for all the great information! I tried to sign up with you referral link, but because I had submitted my resume to VIPkid a few months ago (but never interviewed) they wouldn’t let me use the referral. I will, however, send your referral and link to a friend who is also considering giving VIPkid a try. I was wondering, what software do you use to make your reward charts? I don’t really know how to get started with making my own! I have a vision of doing kites in the sky…

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks! I actually used Photoshop and printed my reward slides on a large format printer (at my previous job). You could also invest in a lamination machine and use print off 8.5×11 reward slides and use the velcro stickers like I did! It would be a bit smaller, but the same effect, I would imagine. Kites in the sky would definitely be fun!

  8. Hello,

    I just started and am wondering how you got the teacher referral link? I have several friends at work that want to start up but the only “referral link” I have seems to be for kids. Do you have to be a mentor to get that link? How do you get into Freshdesk?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Kara, I’m not sure what “referral” link there is for kids?? As far as I’m aware, the only referral link is for teachers. When you log into your portal, you should see a link up at the top that says, “Copy Referral Link” and if you click it, it will be automatically copied for you! Hit paste in the email or whatever you use to get a hold of your friends, and you should be set! In addition, you can click on “Personal Info” and under “Basic Info” down at the bottom, you can see and copy your referral link there as well. As for Freshdesk, you can email education if you haven’t gotten access. I simply used the same email I had for logging into my portal and hit “forgot my password” and that emailed me a link to reset it and I was good from there! Some teachers have success with that and others have had to email education. One of those should work, though. Good luck!

  9. Hi Genevieve! I have been enjoying reading your blog and I am thinking of applying to VIPKids. Are your hours fairly low (15 hrs/mo) because that is your choice or because they don’t have much need for teachers? I was hoping to do 15-20 hours/week. Is that feasible?
    🙂 Kristi

    1. Hi Kristi! Thanks! My hours are low because that is my choice, haha. I am currently living abroad and don’t want full time hours or work because I have another job and want to travel! VIPKids definitely helps me travel over here! 🙂 15-20 hours per week is certainly feasible! Many teachers work that much, some much more! It may take some time for you to build up a following of parents and kids, but with a consistent schedule, in time you should get that many hours per week easily. Good luck!

  10. Thanks so much for all of your information, I’m planning to apply so I can use VIPKids this summer!

    1. Great! I love it, I hope you do too!

  11. No more updates for VIPKid?

    1. I know, I’ve been so far behind. I’m working on my TESOL, trying to travel before I leave Spain (for the summer or longer…?), and preparing my in-class students for their Trinity exam… a huge English speaking exam they have next week. It’s been crazy! But I’m working on it!! 🙂

  12. Hi Genevieve,

    I love your blog and planning to subscribe! I just completed mock 2 and it has been slightly over 48 hours. Does VIPKID notify one if you don’t make the “cut”?


    1. Thank you, Yvette! Yes, VIPKid will definitely tell you if you pass or fail. Did you sign up through my recruitment link? I checked my referral area and I didn’t see your name! If you apply through my link, I can give you more info on your status within the company’s hiring process. There, I can see the “Pass” or “Fail” status of applicants who used my link and what your next step is. But yes, VIPKid should definitely email you with your status whether you passed or failed! 🙂

      1. Thank you for replying so rapidly. I was already referred by a friend, but can I have more then one referral? If so, I will love to…


        1. No worries! No, you cannot have more than one referral. In that case, I would ask your friend to check their referral section in their teacher’s portal. They will be able to tell you your status and give you more info on whether you passed or failed and what your next step is!

  13. Hello! I also work with VIPKID. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. 🙂 I will be in Berlin the middle of June with my husband (who also teaches online). We are trying to decide if it is best for us to stay in Berlin for a month or two or two..and just travel Europe on the weekend (because of internet). Or if we should travel around Europe the whole time. Have you traveled Europe while working online without staying in one central location? If so, do you have any tips for us? We would much rather do that, but I know how stressful it can be when you don’t have a good internet connection. Thanks for any suggestions! 😀

    1. Hi, Lacey! I honestly haven’t really brought my laptop with me to teach from locations other than my apartment in Spain. I know you CAN teach from other locations, but yes, it will depend on your access to high speed internet. So, I would say it depends on where you’re traveling and staying. If you’re staying in nice hotels with great access to high speed internet, you should be fine! If you’re staying in hostels or louder places with spotty internet, it’s best to just stay in one place. My tips would just be to travel in higher end places if you can! You can try using your phone as a hot spot to teach as well, but this uses up A LOT of data! Good luck!

      1. I just wanted to share with youthat I just got hired as a VIPKID teacher. Are you able to forward me the reward systems?


      2. Kristi Oesterreicher says: Reply

        Is it possible to hotspot from a cellular connection? I thought it had to be a wired/wifi connection.

        1. I’ve never personally tried it, but I know I’ve seen some people in the Facebook group say that it worked for them when their internet went out (for whatever reason). So I think so, but that’s second hand information!

  14. Hi! How were you able to get VIP to pay for your TESOL certification?

    1. Hi Michelle! It was a special promo they offered certain teachers last summer. They are not currently offering it at the moment, but I’m guessing they might add that back this summer? Maybe? Depending on if there is more interest. Unfortunately, they haven’t announced anything yet so that is just complete speculation on my end!

  15. Awesome posts about your VIPKid journey! Thank you for breaking-down each aspect of it! I’m a new mom, my baby is now 10 months old. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and I’d like to keep it that way, but I need to help my hubby bring in some extra $. I’ve been debating teaching with VIPKid for a while now… It sounds like if you teach 30 lessons a month, that’s roughly $210-330/mo before bonuses. My hangup is that I live in Arizona, so peak Beijing time starts at 4am! Baby should be asleep, but what happens if he wakes up screaming mid-lesson? How do you handle possible interruptions? If the lesson gets cut short, for whatever reason, what happens? If baby is happy sitting on my lap is that totally unprofessional, or might the student enjoy seeing him? Thanks for any insight you might have ^_^

    1. Hi Heather! In Montana, I have the same peak hours, so I understand how rough it is getting up so early. What I know a lot of new moms tend to do is schedule their classes with a half hour break between each one or every other one. For example you could teach from 4-4:30 and then wait until 5-5:30 and then take another break, etc. If baby doesn’t wake up, you could try to pick up a last minute class (though it’s hit or miss on whether or not you’ll actually get one). And if baby does wake up, you won’t have as many classes to teach in a row and you’ll have a few minutes to calm baby back into sleep. I would definitely not count on bringing the baby into class with you. Some parents might think it’s adorable and others might report you for being unprofessional. I would just use it as a last resort sort of thing… Make sure you’re not getting up DURING the lesson as well, because that will not reflect well on you as a teacher. So really, it’s up to you what you decide you want to do! I think you could make it work, but the hours will definitely not be fun, haha. However, it is summer so there are more hours available at night as well! When hubby comes home, you could teach a few classes and he could watch the baby as well. And there are always weekend hours and things like that. Now that there is no minimum requirement on hours, it’s so much more flexible! Good luck!

  16. Thank you for your honesty and “big picture” approach to this blog. I am a teacher with Vipkid and have encountered similar achievements and obstacles. It’s nice to know and learn about other people’s experiences!

    1. Thanks Laura! I’m glad to help give a realistic picture on what the job entails.

  17. Genevieve,

    I am in the process of applying for VipKid and looking at their Tech Requirements they specify a Wired DSL Connection. I notice you use a Wifi connection – I have a good Wifi connection at my apartment. Will that be sufficient or do I need to get an Ethernet cable to connect? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jacqueline! That completely depends on your internet speed. I have pretty quick internet so I’ve had NO issues just using wifi. However, in my old apartment, the speed was sometimes slower so they recommended I use an ethernet cable to get a stronger connection. I ended up upgrading my internet anyway, so I only used wifi from then on. But if you can stream shows, skype with friends, and feel like you have a decent connection, you’re probably fine!

  18. So, you are able to teach just fine using a wifi connection? You don’t have a wired? For some reason I thought they required wired, but I don’t have access to that at the moment and have put off my interview because of that. But if you can use wifi, then that just made my day!

    1. Hi Brittney! I use wifi all the time, so it really depends on your internet speed. If you have a good speed, you’re fine using wifi! If you can Skype and stream videos with no pauses or buffering, my guess is that your speed will work with VIPKid too. Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much!!!

  19. Hi Genevieve! Can I ask you a random question? So I just started teaching with VIPKID but for the life of me, I cannot find all the PPT presentations! How can I have access to them to review the night before??

    1. Hi Dionne! To see your PowerPoint up to 48 hours in advance, you simply need to enter the classroom like you’re going to teach the lesson. Then, like you did in the demo classes, you’ll load the PowerPoint! The students can’t enter the classroom until about an hour before the class, so you’re encouraged to check the slides out before then! In addition, you can also download the VIPKid Teachers App! From that app, you can also view the PowerPoint at anytime. That has been absolutely wonderful for me!

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! Yes, I just found the app and I love it!!
        Ok one more question, all of these StudentNoShow classes, do they count for the 45 classes/ month?

        1. Yes! All student no shows will count towards your total. The only ones that don’t are teacher no shows, cancellations, or teacher IT issues!

  20. Hi! Amazing blog! You said you are paid in USD. I’m an American living in Ireland and would prefer to be paid in Euro, mostly to simplify taxes. I don’t know a lot about tax code but I have a feeling getting paid into a US bank account might affect my residency status. What has been your experience with this company in regards to reporting to the IRS and residency status?

    1. Even though I lived in Spain, I had my money deposited into my American bank account. I’m not sure how they deposit money to an international bank account, but I’m sure you could ask them! I think there were some other teachers in Spain who got their money directly deposited into their Spanish accounts so I know it’s possible. As far as reporting your taxes, you are supposed to file quarterly. Typically, reserve about 25% of the income for tax payment, but I’m not a tax consultant and everyone’s needs vary depending on their personal situation, so I can’t say for certain! You are considered an independent contractor, however, so I would look into the laws regarding that!

  21. I read your post about teaching from an iPad.. Do you know if that’s available yet?

    1. As of right now, it’s still not available 🙁

  22. If you are doing this from your home, are there any tax breaks for having a home based business? Thanks.

    1. You file your taxes as an independent contractor… So you follow the IRS’s guide which you can check out on their website.

  23. What happens with a TEacher IT problem? I just got one.. 🙁

    1. Hi Gabi,

      Nothing bad really happens except you don’t get paid for the class (since you didn’t teach it), but you don’t lose any money or anything! Just try not to get too many or they might suspend you until you get more stable internet! I’ve gotten a couple for various reasons, though, and nothing has happened to me! So don’t worry too much!

  24. hi! how did you arrange for VIPKId to pay for your course?

    1. Hi Mary! It was a promo they did so they offered it (at that time) and I just happened to sign up at the perfect time. Keep your eyes open and they may offer it again!

  25. I had heard about VIPkid for quite a while, but was very skeptical. Now I’m enrolled in a postgraduate course and looking for a job that’s flexible during the semester and the holidays. I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog in my research and I appreciate how transparent you are with the income and process. If you don’t mind me asking, have the number classes remained mostly the same? Have you picked up anything new with regards to getting bookings?

    1. Hi Amanda! The job is very flexible which is great and the pay is decent for a work at home job with little prep! January and February always see a drop due to the Chinese New Year and kids/parents taking time off for the holiday, but in general, I see my classes staying the same! Almost every slot I open fills, but it took me a while to get to that point. For the first maybe 6-9 months of starting the job, I had only a fraction of my classes fill. Some teachers get booked right away and others take a while!

  26. Hi Genevieve,
    At the end of January I will be moving to Spain. I want to improve my Spanish so I will be going to International House Language school. I think I have to attend 20 hours a week to get a student visa. Anyways, could I apply for VipKid now while in the USA, even if I don’t plan on teaching VipKid classes until probably February after I settle in Spain? I read on your blog they no longer have the mandatory minimum 10 or 15 teaching hours a week. Also, did you or someone you know tutor on the side in Spain? I’m afraid I will get kicked out of Spain if I work under the table a little bit while in Language School… thank you for any advice. Josh

    1. Hi Josh, you can totally tutor or teach English classes in Spain. Everyone does that! It’s about the only way to make extra money on a student visa… Depending on where you’re at, you can usually charge 10 – 20 euro an hour. You won’t get kicked out! And yes, it takes a while for the VIPKID process, so you can apply and then teach later. That’s totally fine!

  27. Hi Genevieve,

    I am a Mom of 3. This is my 7th month with VIPKID. I wanted to ask you about your blog. I want to make one but, do you have to pay? I heard WordPress is the top one. Can you tell me about your experience starting the blog…was it difficult, do they ask for you to pay? did it need to know computer higher skills, etc.

    1. Hi Rosita! As far as paying for website, that depends. Usually you pay for hosting, so you can have the domain name you want. An example would be “rositavipteacher.com”. If you want a free website, you can certainly do that, but your website would be more like, “rositavipteacher.wordpress.com”. The free websites can do most things a paid site can do, but you won’t have your own URL and it’s much more difficult to monetize, but not impossible. My blog is a WordPress blog, but I have it hosted through SiteGround. I followed this guide when setting up my blog and it was very helpful! You don’t need a ton of “higher skills” but some basic knowledge will help. However, if you have the will and fortitude, the internet is a vast resource with an infinite number of guides to get you up and running! Good luck!

  28. I also teach for VIPKID! I am a teacher and I sneak a few classes in before I go to my full-time job. I love that if I have an extra expense I can just open up a few more classes! VIPKID is doing so well that many other companies like it are popping up. I just joined Magic Ears as well because they do group classes. Their platform is pretty cool, too. I like working for both for a little variety. If you would like to check out Magic Ears in addition to VIPKID, here is a link! https://t.mmears.com

  29. Thank you so much for the info! I just read your tax article…very helpful.
    I was having the same issue with VIPKID as far as unsteady bookings.
    I’m working with VIPKID and SayABC. Say ABC has a 90% booking rate and is a newer company with only about a 1,000 teachers. They are looking for more teachers to fill the student demand. Now I’m using VIPKID secondary because I know I’ll always be booked with SayABC.
    My referral link is included in my comment. Check it out! It really is worth it and it is nice to know that you will have regular classes routinely scheduled.

  30. Hi, how did you get Vipkid to pay for your tesol certificate? I have never heard of that happening before and would love to take advantage of it.

    1. I got the promotion through VIPKid and it appears it might have just been a one time offer as I’ve never seen them promote it again… but you can get your VIPKid TESOL through them for free! In your Teachers Dashboard, click on the “Resources” tab up top. Then find “EDU Course” and you’ll find the VIPKid TESOL. It’s good practice if you ever decide to get certified through a university or something!

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